Bhaktapur the Resilient


What an Amazing World!

Dattatraya Square Dattatraya Square, the Oldest Square in Bhaktapur

Chapter 1, Part 18

One dynasty falls, another rises. One kingdom declines, another flourishes. It is one of many patterns that repeat in perpetuity over the course of the history of mankind. As the influence of the once mighty Buddhist kingdom of Bagan gradually waned, at the northern fringes of the Indian Plate to the west of Bagan – the tectonic plate that has been pushing the Eurasian Plate in the north, creating the Himalayas – a political dynasty emerged in the early 13th century. For more than five centuries, the dynasty – known as the Mallas – would shape the political landscape as well as the architectural and artistic styles of a region which today makes up the Kathmandu Valley.

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