Candi Cetho: A Creation of Those Who Remained

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What an Amazing World!

Cetho Candi Cetho on the Highlands of Java

Chapter 2, Part 9

The narrow road keeps going up, climbing the slopes of Mount Lawu, an active volcano rising more than 3,000 meters on the island of Java. We are more than 30 km away east of Solo, the city from which we departed earlier in the morning, and the rather grim-looking highway with disorderly stalls and billboards on both sides of the road has now been substituted by a sweeping view of villages and verdant fields.

Further 10 km away, on the northwestern slopes of the slumbering volcano, lies a testament to a period in Indonesian history when the once-powerful Hinduism had been gradually replaced by Islam as the dominant religion in Java. Built in the 15th century when most coastal areas of the island had been converted to Islam, Candi Cetho (also spelled Ceto) not only looks very different fromโ€ฆ

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