Kp Message 5-7-19… “I’m finding it ‘very difficult’ sometimes to watch the exposures, the unveilings, the disclosure of all the ‘space’ stuff, as well as all the other ‘crap’ (especially the holy crap!)”(dammit!!)

Ditto Babe. Ditto🙏
Light and Love for all my humans😘😘
TaeKook REAL AF😶🐯🐇💜

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Talk about one h— of a long title. But I’m just going to lay it out about what’s going on within ME! (please note that this does not necessarily apply to anyone else, and there is no judgement from me about anyone else’ experience with these things). So there!

I’m just noting these things. All of the “grand exposures” that are going on right now… Yes, we are in an apocalypse period, planet wide. And this is also going on internally for many. And yes, there’s new connections here, new connections there, about what has been going on for years, decades, centuries, millennia, about cabal this, Illuminati that, secret space program this, ET contact that.

My own view right now is that, even though I’m doing an occasional posting on this blog about all those “this and thats”, none of them are “important” (aka, “top priority”) to me (and…

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