Kp Message 5-7-19… “I’m finding it ‘very difficult’ sometimes to watch the exposures, the unveilings, the disclosure of all the ‘space’ stuff, as well as all the other ‘crap’ (especially the holy crap!)”(dammit!!)

Ditto Babe. Ditto🙏
Light and Love for all my humans😘😘
TaeKook REAL AF😶🐯🐇💜

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Talk about one h— of a long title. But I’m just going to lay it out about what’s going on within ME! (please note that this does not necessarily apply to anyone else, and there is no judgement from me about anyone else’ experience with these things). So there!

I’m just noting these things. All of the “grand exposures” that are going on right now… Yes, we are in an apocalypse period, planet wide. And this is also going on internally for many. And yes, there’s new connections here, new connections there, about what has been going on for years, decades, centuries, millennia, about cabal this, Illuminati that, secret space program this, ET contact that.

My own view right now is that, even though I’m doing an occasional posting on this blog about all those “this and thats”, none of them are “important” (aka, “top priority”) to me (and…

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Kp Message 3-23-19…

Light and live please for KP🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌬️🍃🍃🍃🍃

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I’m not really sure if it does anyone any “beneficials” to put up this type of message… which is basically a “sense of the personal individual Kp” type message.

But I’m doing it anyway.

I’m right now in a period of seeming “stasis”, like “everything’s on hold”… nothing to see here… just treading water… not really going anywhere.

This has happened before, and I’ve likely mentioned it before. But today, a couple “small” type incidents occurred that poked me into realizing that this current place that I’m in right now “needs” to change… at some point, at some time. I’m just not “getting” what point and what time that is. And in this case I’m primarily talking about my local “place (house) of residence”. It could mean more than that, but, there it is.

I know there’s “things to take care of in the 3D body”, etc., etc., etc. But…

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Kp Message 2-28-19… “Energies are ‘through the roof'” (or, ‘the tarp’, as the case may be!)

Harmony and Winning …

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There have been a few items occurring in the Kp 3D life path the last two days, and they felt rather “severe”!! All of it OPR* material (Old Paradigm Release (Removal)). No doubt about it. So here’s the deal…

Felt drawn (strongly) yesterday to go to White Sands Beach and go into the water. VERY strong sense to do this. Walked across street to check items out at the beach. First of all, there is no more beach (sand) leading into the water. Rocks entry only. So I walked (barefoot) over the rocks and stepped firmly into a sand spot… except it wasn’t sand only… there was a pointy rock there. I stepped right on it (left foot). Painfully knew I had bruised the sole of my foot.

Drove back, stopped at a quickie mart to get ice, and iced it down on the drive home. It’s feeling less painful…

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Paro: Bhutan’s Sleepy Gateway

Beautiful world…

What an Amazing World!

Masang Gang, part of the Bhutanese Himalayas

Our last morning in Punakha started quite uneventfully; James and I had switched back to our pants and shirts and Kinga and Phuntsho to their gho. As usual, we left the hotel at 8.30 but this time instead of moving eastward as we’d been doing since our first day in Bhutan, we headed back to the west, right where we started this trip. Paro – our destination – is located at about the same elevation as the nation’s capital, Thimphu. However, thanks to its wider valley and relative proximity to the capital, Paro hosts the country’s sole international airport, often considered one of the most difficult commercial airports to fly in and out.

Before we could explore Paro and see what it had to offer, we had to once again navigate the snaking roads and mountain passes of western Bhutan, including the…

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Kp Message 12-2-18… “I am not ‘normal'”

It’s so comforting to have this man, so many miles from me, experiencing the same as me, as I’m experiencing it too, and sharing his inner guidance. I’ve been following KP since early 2016 and we are always in synch. If I’m going through something, feeling energies, whatever, I go check on KP and sure nuff, he is too…and offering guidance to get through it. This awakening and raising of vibrations is quite daunting and overwhelming at times and KP is one of the bright lights that makes it bearable. God bless and protect him always🙏💪💜

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I’m sometimes in a very “solitude” type space, and many times it feels more like “isolated”.

I am not “normal”… never have been, never will be. I will never fit into the type of life many call “a normal life”. Never.

I know this applies to many of other people, and those who are in some way or other a part of mine, are also not “normal”, and do not strive to be that way.

That being said, there are many days that I come across stuff that is celebrated as being a “normal” part of “the holidays”, or the “American dream” way of life, or etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. They all feel (to me, at least) like just another “etcetera”. Nothing to pay attention to there, in my view.

Some energy worker type people may never talk about these things, but for some reason or other I…

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Patriot source my grind🙏

Hiya light and love if you saw me at the rally today and thought fuk it, I’ll help her out 😆I have tons of content ready to go once I get crowd funded or a partner with money cuz I have none. Please check out my Instagram cuz that’s where I live so to speak. PayPal link is in the bio if ya dig it😉 God bless and MAGA TF on world patriots 😘😘😘😘😘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇻🇮

Eternal Love

Eternal Love by way of Sakura 😂😂😂😇

2wholeminutes LLC

When your first song of the day is Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You” and you got brand new Sakura Gellys.😍😂😂😂

The word “Love” is done with their 3D Glaze #820 Pink. I’m finding it’s pretty quick drying across all the colors and very vibrant. Sorry, sorry🙏 my ancient Nexus 5 pix don’t really convey it so well.😊😏 It’s so much fun playing with new inks, seeing how they interact with each other. Working on something purply pink now, share soon.😉

Hope y’all are tokin well and feeling some love and kindness today.🌱

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